Thursday, February 10, 2005

Parentals visit

Had a very good meal in San Carlo on Wednesday night. Parents, and their friend Sue spent the afternoon in Birmingham, and then met me for food.
Wasn't quite expecting Sue's onslaught over the Behtzi saga. She saw the fault being the all parties in the Council. Which is a view that anyone reading the national press could take. She's been bottling this one up for quite some time, and so was a robust and healthy debate. Fortunately, the restaurant wasn't particularly busy early on!
Was an opportunity to exchange gifts before the Parentals flew off to Egypt for a "holiday of a lifetime". My birthday presents were 2 CDs: Razorlight (Up All Night) and Snow Patrols first album (Songs for Polarbears). I passed on/recycled my old mobile phone (a 3 yr old nokia 8210), Parentals shocked that they'd become mobile phone owners!
Made it home safely, got the last train out of New St before the end of the England match at Villa Park. Have never seen quite so many Police at New St before!


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