Friday, March 18, 2005

End of Office Academical's season

The final league table will record that we came second to Shackleton A. And to be fair, they were the better side in our penultimate match, which we lost 2-0, our only loss of the season.

This meant that the final game had to be won, and that Shackleton lost their game.
We went about the business in the usual fashion, welcoming AK Simpson back from his Italian and Spanish trials (or honeymoon...). Simpson did the business in the first 8 secs with a rapid score.
We were then able to keep MAD FC on the back foot, but were only able to get one more goal before half time.
The second half was more nervous, and we were unfortunate to concede. The defence went on a mission, and left Blunt exposed between the posts. Although at the time he was far from being between, or even infront of the posts!
The academicals held on for the rest of the 2nd half and managed to record our a won 8, lost 1 record, with a goal difference in the high 30s.

Little did we know that Shack's opponents hadn't turned up, and they were awarded a walk over. If we'd known that then the last game didn't matter.


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