Monday, March 07, 2005


To Harrogate for the Lib Dem spring conference.
Alex Folkes and I were taking photos on behalf of the party, covering the main speeches on the conference podium, and CK's photo ops.
Apparently my arse/back of head were all over the Saturday 6pm BBC news...This was while CK was doing a really hectic walkabout in Harrogate town centre. There was an attempt to disrupt it from a handful of Leeds Labour students with their "Soft on Yobs" banners. Unfortunately it backfired a little when one of their crew were pulled out by the local police and warned with a public order offence.
Got some good take from the photo op, and hopefully will get a frontpage spread in LibDem News.

Also, had my photo taken for the manifesto (large group shot with CK at front), during the setup I was subbing for CK, although taller, and less ginger :)

Finally, on Sunday, bumped into someone from the the Corby local party! I hope to be their PPC at the General Election, its the area I grew up in and still visit regularly. The only problem is that I haven't been formally selected yet, but there are already several rumours about my candidature, all have an element of truth in them (living in the WMidlands), but other bits quite wide of the mark (its not my dad standing!) But most of the rumours appear to be circulating around the local tories...


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