Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lib Dem regional conference

Hectic day at the regional conference...
Selly Oak & Edgbaston were technically the "hosting" local party as the conference was at the University of Birmingham. So tried to make it onto conference to help signpost. But foiled by central trains!
The agenda was a fluid arrangement, and Simon Hughes, party president, popped in to conference while in transit between Yardley, Hodge Hill and Shrewsbury.
In the meantime I had to dash away and print off 2.5k of leaflets as our Riso couldn't handle the quantity of black on the leaflet in question. All the while I kept my camera in one hand to capture any moments or speeches.
Finally, I missed out on lunch as I was running a training/drop-in session on EARS (the Lib Dems voting intentions database, used to record canvas information).

Managed to lie in today. Although not for long, as there were 100+ survey returns to analyse, and another leaflet to write.

Can't wait until the Easter weekend......


At 5:15 pm, Blogger Rob F said...

...because you'll be working even harder?


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