Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Shed

An early (6pm) kick off for the shed this week. Meant that the fans were unable to stay in the pubs for long (watching the merseyside derby).
Final score was 1-1, but a terribly nervous affair against the Mach 3s. It was far from being a clean shave for the Shed.
Most of the pressure came from Shed, with Simpson getting shots on target, and off target. In fact most outfield players tested the oppos goal keeper, but mainly firing straight at him, or once in a while at the posts. (Hunt managed to keep the ball within the field of play, or rather, he didn't send any into orbit...)
Despite this pressure the Machs went a goal ahead through possibly the worst finish anyone had ever witnessed. Ths shot was scuffed, and would have been easily blocked by Hussey. But in scuffing the ball, it turned into a bounced lob that left Hussey in no mans land.
Salvation for Shed came from a Simpson effort in the 2nd half (shooting away from the home fans).
A disappointing dropped point. This means that all the remaining games are vital to win the premiership.


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