Thursday, June 09, 2005

Current reading/listening

Pollen by Jeff Noon.
During the election I just about managed to read an Ian Rankin novel (A Question of Blood). I can rattle through his novels and didn't want anything too challenging or thought provoking, and a bog standard Scottish crime thriller fitted the bill.
Jeff Noon is a different kettle of fish. It helps if you've ever lived in Manchester as many of his near future SF novels are set there, and you can visualise the roads, places and locations. His stuff is usually challenging and you have to get your head around the morphology of his characters everytime, even if some of the underlying concepts are the same (Vurt).
I'm also about to order a whole set of Sin City graphic novels from Amazon after seeing Sin City the film last night.

Currently listening to:
At this instant Linkin Park - Meteora.
But this is a reminder to self to return the 20+ CDs that have accumulated by my PC during the last 3 months. Not sure what the most listened to are, but suspect that its Foo Fighters - One by One, Doves - Some Cities, Feeder - Pushing the Senses and Snow Patrol - Final Straw.
Recent additions include Kasabian, NIN - [With Teeth] and Fountains of Wayne - Welcome Interstate Managers. Seem to have lost my Joy Division - Permanent CD, unless its hiding in an as yet unsearched pile of papers.


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