Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bears vs Steelbacks

Had a relatively pleasant evening at Edgbaston cricket ground to watch the final group stage match between Warwickshire and Northants. I was one of the few Northants fans in the ground, and made the error of cheering when we got our first wicket (at least it wasn't a football match!).
Twenty20 is a fun spectacle. The crowd was quite enthusiastic, for the kids it could work out as £2.50 per game! We sat in the Hollies stand, which we'd never dream of doing on a Saturday at a test match as the atmosphere is spoilt by the alcohol.
Warwicks won quite easily, which was good as it meant they also progressed to the knockout stages, while Northants had already booked their place as group winners. Some of the Northants players had mares: one bowler got taken for 3 sixes in a row, while Huggins had an awful time in the field, with several miss fields including one embarrising one where he slipped over while collecting the ball, and letting it go for 4. Not sure he'll want to come back to Edgbaston in a hurry.
Unfortunately the finals are taking place at the Oval this year. Last years final was held at Edgbaston and that was a great day of sun, cricket and Guiness.


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