Friday, July 29, 2005

Birmingham elections

Just back from the Bordesley Green count. These were the elections caused by the Birmingham Labour electoral fraud cases heard by the election court in Jan/Feb 2005.
PJP x2 Lab x1
Khan PJP 2241
Shah Lab 2183
Saeed PJP 2065
Ullah PJP 2041
Khan Lab 2009
Stacey Lab 1875
Nawaz LD 1372
Hussain LD 1117
Aslam LD 1058
Grn 314
Con 251
Con 154
Con 153

I heard on the grape vine that the Aston election had gone to a recount to determine the 3rd place. (With the Lib Dems looking to win all three seats).
So a bad night for Labour when they've lost 5 councillors at once, they even had a junior minister (Hodge Hill's very own Liam Byrne had travelled up from London) out knocking on doors trying to get people out to vote at 8.30pm. The Lib Dems did better than expected in Bordesley Green, improving our %age from the June 2004 elections.
Had an interesting chat with the Electoral Commission reps who'd come along to observe. Although they aren't allowed a party political background its clear that those who've become involved have been politicised (small P) at some point in the past, ie running students' union elections or similar.


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