Monday, July 18, 2005


A great result:
Mark Hunter (Lib Dem) 19,593 (52.15%, +3.27%)
Stephen Day (Tory) 15,936 (42.42%, +2.01%)
Martin Miller (Labour) 1,739 (4.63%, -4.16%)
Leslie Leggett (Veritas) 218 (0.58%)
John Allman (Alliance for Change - Suffering Little Children) 81 (0.22%)

Was well worth staying up until 0030 to watch the result. I'd already had word that we would hold it by at least 2000 votes, but to make it 3600 was fantastic.
Mark's speech was also well crafted. The sincere thanks to Patsy's family was good. Daughter Libby was running the front office of the HQ (and I blame her for the blisters I got last weekend), while her father was running around the constituency sorting out postal vote applications.
My lasting impression was the very first door I canvassed at 2 weeks out: "I can't support you liberals because you support the repeal of section 28. I don't mind those homosexuals, but what they do is perverse!". I marked her down as a hard tory... I thought it was going to be a very long afternoon if that was how the first door to be answered felt. Fortunately it got better after that.


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