Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lance: 7 times lucky

Actually, no luck involved. Lance Armstrong is one of the greatest living athletes of our generation. To win Le Tour 7 times running requires sheer determination, guts, and a fine supporting team.
Armstrong has always had the ability to surround himself with some of the best fellow cyclists who's only aim is to ensure he arrives in Paris with the yellow jersey on his back.
Of course there has been an element of luck in it as well. A number of times he's been in near misses (Beloki's tyre burst on molten tarmac on a decent. He broke his pelvis and forced Armstrong to avoid the accident by going across a field).
What next for Armstrong. Well, he has a young family and a celebrity girlfriend in Sheryl Crow. There is talk of him entering politics, and mention of the Texan governorship!


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