Friday, July 08, 2005

North Birmingham cycling

Cool but pleasant enough evening ride with some guys from Transportation. Rode out to Sutton park via the walk/cycle route. Some impressive work on this route, but shame about the amount of glass on the tarmac sections, fortunately we only had one puncture. Need to look at a map to describe the route in detail, but we went out through Aston, under the M6 just north of J6, then through Stockland Green, Kingstanding etc before getting to the park. Most of this was cycle/walkway, so very little on road.
Return was via New Hall Valley route. Most of this is quite nice, but there is a section that hasn't been completed yet. Most of use got nettle stings, and bramble scratches...glad I had the mountain bike for this section as you get more control bouncing over stones with the front suspension.
Was also handed the one of the last printed versions of the cycle/walk map. Will spend an evening going over it to see if I can spot anything that needs amending.


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