Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tiverton Rd centenary

Yesterday marked the start of the centenary celebrations of Tiverton Rd J&I school in the ward.
Robert & I went along to the special assemby in the morning. Assemblies have changed alot since my day...but somethings were strangely familiar. I suppose all school halls look and feel the same.
We were treated to a chant from the nursery class, and then various performances and displays from individuals and groups up through the age groups (including the obligatory recorder pieces).
Throughout the day there were various things organised, but I couldn't stay for all of it. Robert & Alistair appeared for the fete in the afternoon, and had cake...
The centenary is going to be celebrated for what seems like a whole year, and reflects the fact that there was quite a lot of capital spending in 1905 from various municipal budgets. Raddlebarn School is also celebrating its centenary this year, and I think Selly Oak library was built then as well.


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