Sunday, July 10, 2005

To cheadle (and back)

Phew what a scorcher...
Eventually worked my way up to Wilmslow by (Virgin) train and then cycled on to Bramhall. Turned out that Virgin had "closed" reservations for all cycles over the weekend, so when I was trying to get hold of one I wouldn't have been able to! Fortunately, not many cyclists on the network so plenty of space to stow the bike. Only had some problems from one "train manager", who asked for my none existent reservation from Wilmslow to Stafford. Given there was plenty of room I'm unsure as to what his issue was.
Delivered lots of leaflets on Saturday, and then met an old uni friend, Mike, on canal st. before jumping on a tram to stop over in his house in Crumpsall, apparently an up & coming area, its only 10 mins on the tram from the city centre, which beats most of South manchester.
Eventually made it back to Bramhall today, and too blistered to deliver, so sat and stuffed envelopes (with Gwyn and Asad, other refugees from Birmingham), before I went out and did some candidate photos at a fete.


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