Sunday, July 03, 2005

To cheadle

Rail travel at weekends is a bit of a nonsense at the moment: it took 3 hrs to drive to Cheadle, which is about as long as it would have taken with public transport (no direct trains, and bus replacements). But 2hrs to return.
Had a productive afternoon with the Birmingham team sent out straight away to canvas. I've not worked in a LD/Tory area before so it was a bit strange getting my head around the shift in canvas questions. I did eventually find a Lab voter in the afternoons work, but they are a rare breed.
A very good atmosphere in the HQ, and managed to say hello to Hilary the agent, and later saw Lord Rennard (by-election supremo/deity).
Hope to return for next weekend, but will train it to Wilmslow and then cycle to Bramhall. Should work out as 2hr journey time. Unless it rains of course...


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