Sunday, August 07, 2005

test match day 3

I'd applied for tickets more than 8 months ago back in December. In retrospect I should have gone for 10, rather than the 7 definites. I could have got rid of the other 3 several times over...
We rolled up to Edgaston at 10am and joined the queues to get in. Security has been stepped up and the bag check was the usual, but also a metal detector scan.
Seats were in the Raglan stand which is next "cheapest" stand apart from the Hollies, but it was a pleasant enough group of people around us, with a scattering of Aussie fans. Had originally applied for RES Wyatt as it was more behind the bowlers arm. But it was virtually an "away stand end" with it being almost full of aussie touring groups, including the group hosted by Merv Hughes (that moustache is incredible in real life).
Back to the cricket. England's batting was a complete shower. We were convinced that we'd be leaving in the evening having seen the aussies win. Most of our top order gave their wckets up cheaply. But we were saved by big KP, and Freddie Flintoff. KP hit a couple of massi sixes off Warne, while Flintoff hit an amazing six off Lee straight back over his head into the camera gantry. His innings was one of patience and measured aggression. When he was the last recognised batsmen he protected the rabbits and went to increase the score, and the last wicket stand was 50+ runs.
So having seen England bowled out we never expected that the Aussies would be reduced to 180 odd for 8 wickets, with England claiming an additional 30 mins at the end of the day to try and get the last 3 wickets!
So all in all an expensive day out, but highly enjoyable, and fantastic value for money.


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