Sunday, August 21, 2005

Weekend in my constituency

Ok, no longer my constituency, but off to Oundle for the weekend with my parents, and catch up with my brother and (heavily pregnant) sister-in-law. Lots of talk about baby goods, and nursery furniture.
Get to spend a lazy weekend with no thoughts of delivering leaflets, or writing them. Am also well fed and watered.
Spend another lazy sunday with an ad hoc Pagemaker training session for Chris, my GE agent from Corby. Turns out all his problems with pagemaker are to do with the Focus template he started off with ages ago. But also go through some good practice stuff as well. Typical software user who has picked up bits and pieces in isolation, but not had training opportunties to bring it all together.
Sunday afternoon I get to see the Red Arrows and various fly pasts of RAF planes. And all while watching Oundle Town play Market Overton at cricket. Overton's ground is the other side of RAF Cottesmore, in Rutland, which was having a family day. So right on cue for the start of the match the red arrows appeared directly over the ground... The Eurofighter was impressively loud on full afterburner, and almost came to the assistance of a Town batsmen when he got a snick to the keeper. 15s later, the umpires wouldn't have heard the appeal, let alone the sound of leather clipping willow.


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