Monday, June 12, 2006

Drinking water

Its no wonder England managed to get through 70l of water during Saturday's game if they were "drinking" it like Beckham.

I wont comment on the game itself, just on the awful refereeing, and his unusual approach to the rules, and the fact he limited the times that players could take a splash of water onboard.
England had a 12th man in the form of the crowd, while Paraguay had their 12th man in the referee...
[The photo above is by the very excellent and award winning Dan Chung of the Guardian. For the LibDem readers of this blog, Dan took the photos of Charles K for our 2005 General Election literature, including the "flying wedge" photo with CK stood infront of 20 odd people (and me in one of the corners) used on the manifesto cover and the back of the campaign battle bus!]


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