Monday, August 07, 2006

Sunday Ride

Was up early on Sunday morning to pop out for bike ride out into the Warwickshire countryside.
I've been looking for a nice group ride for a while, but failed to find anything, but last week I missed my normal spin class and went to a different one instead with an instructor I'd not met before. Afterwards he mentioned there was a group who rode from The Billesley pub at 0830 every Sunday, with 3 different groups. What he failed to mention was quite how serious the A group were, I only noticed this when they arrived on the Sunday with some v.impressive equipment (lots of tri-bars and time trialling bikes).
What I hadn't been told was that the ride was used by the local triathlon club! Fortunately the C group who I rode with weren't fast/competitive, and ran at a nice 15mph average.
Will be going back in a couple of weeks.


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