Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Firework Spectacular

fireworks3Sunday evening was spent watching tonnes of chemicals go up in smoke. I'd been invited to the Edgbaston Firework Spectacular, but as I'd never been before (last couple of years I've either had my own fireworks, or been to someone elses to let them off), I wasn't prepared for the most awesome display I've had the opportunity to see properly.
Each show lasted about 40mins, with about 15mins of "chart acts" and promotional videos, and then a sort of musical around the world by music and light.
There were 3 separate displays, and the event management seemed to go like clockwork as there were effectively 3 audiences that had to be seated and then exited, and the show reset within 40 mins! By my calculation there were over 20k in the audience.
I tried out my new Canon 5D full frame camera on one of the shows. Firework photography is difficult. You need a camera with quick focussing, and an ability to push the ISO to 1600 without too much noise creeping into the picture. You then need a fast lens, and to be able to expose for as short a time as possible (maybe 1/50s...). My keeper rate from the evening is probably as low as 5% (I'd normally like to get something like 25%, although with digital it doesn't matter too much).


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