Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hello from my country retreat...

Well Oundle is actually a smallish town (pop 5k). But if v.quiet at night you can here cows in the distance!
My parents are currently feeding and watering me, as well as a couple of chinese students from Durham Uni, who are here as part of the Hosts scheme.
I've had to do with patchy t'internet access (dial-up modem!), but I think I've persuaded them that broadband is the way to go (as last quarter they spent over £30 dialing up, so for a few more £s they can have a couple of Megs). Or they could "borrow" their neighbours wifi...
As usual the food has been excellent. Mainly because they can source some incredible meat from their local butchers (which is now owned by a farmers collective...). Xmas day lunch was a traditional piece of beef cooked on the bone (none of that turkey nonsense!). While other bits have included pheasant, pork loins and venison.
Will be a shame to return home to Brum, and the smell of chocolate from Cadbury's.


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