Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last working day

This week for most people is a bit of a write-off. Numerous parties, winding down for the christmas closedown and general wandering around being festive.
Today is even worse. The morning is spent discussing when "the email" will come from on high to say you might as well leave. Lunch is spent having a quick pint in the Staff bar, and then you go back to the office to clear things up. In the Academic depts it seems that things are even more laid back. When I was dropping things off this morning, I noticed several all dept gatherings even at 1130hrs. I guess most of them will clock off straight after lunch.
So why am I still sat here after 3pm writing this...?
Unlike many of the jobs around here, working in Planning is very unrelated to the academic year. When the students are long gone, we still have to finish off counting them, or working out how much money they are worth.


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