Monday, December 11, 2006

Toothless weekend

Bit of a hectic weekend. Only marginally spoiled by Virgin Trains cancelling their services between London and Birmingham on Saturday afternoon.
I'd travelled down to the Big Smoke for an exec meeting of the Agents & Organisers Association. My journey down was dead easy on a Virgin pendo, found a table and plugged my laptop in and managed to work most of the way.
But the return could have been comical: got to Euston to discover that we would have to take a local train to MK, followed by a bus to Northampton, and a Silverlink service would be "waiting for us" there. Fortunately, there was still time to hop across to Marylebone to get the last slow train out of London. But that still meant not getting into Brum until gone midnight.
So quite a long day.
My Sunday was spoilt slightly by waking up to find one of my temporary dental bridges had come out during the night. So I had to concoct a soft diet for the day.


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