Sunday, January 07, 2007

Age of Majority

Sounds like it should be a Sid Meier game...
The debate on whether there should be a common age of majority never fails to go away. This year will see the age at which you can stand at local elections reduced to 18 from 21, meanwhile there is a proposal to increase the age of purchasing cigarettes to 18 from 16.
Solvents and paints will remain at 16. There is an argument that restricting aerosol paint purchases to over 18s would prevent graffiti as this is predominantly carried out by those under 18. My guess is that, like alcohol, U18s would still be able to get hold of paint and carry out their criminal damage.
Cllr Martin Mullaney in Moseley has done a huge amount of work to identify graffiti taggers and tackle them through more unorthodox methods. Several have actually been arrested by the local police.
Colin Ross is running a poll on his blog on the age of majority. My belief is that there is no single age at which all things should be accessible or at which a person becomes responsible. Although I do think that some of the current ages should be changed (eg voting age).


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