Tuesday, January 16, 2007

new gadgetastic

Its like christmas has come early...
I've just upgraded my mobile and contract with Orange. (I don't go in for flash mobiles, so its just a Nokia 6233, I need IrDA, Bluetooth and GPRS for all the other bits of connectivity, but not desperate for multi-megapixel cameras as I have cameras coming out of my ears, the Fm radio is a nice extra).
Meanwhile, I've replaced the PDA that was stolen from the office in November, and went for a Dell Axim X51v (has wifi & bluetooth). Although I've not been totally lost without the PDA, it has been a quiet couple of months when I've not needed to have a diary on me at all times, that I was able to log work, council and social entries in. Time management is one of the first things you need to get the hang of when first elected, but keeping a paper diary is just too much work...


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