Friday, February 02, 2007

Dr Reid hides in the open

Did Dr Reid use Wednesday's arrests to launch his new bid to do away with any maximum length of detention?
As he is continually finding new problems that out bid the previous problems in his department, he is clearly finding it difficult to make positive headlines, so appearing to be fully in the loop on Wednesday's operations, and then leading a cabinet discussion on detention without trial was his chance to make waves.
Dr Reid's arguments for unlimited detention, seem to stem from the reportedly huge number of possible threats that currently exist. Therefore to cope with all of them being arrested at once he'd need unlimited detention.
Surely, the more reasonable thing to do is have many more investigating officers and resources at his disposal, rather than locking people up until they find time to investigate...
My opinion is that 28 days probably just about long enough. If in parliament I'd have definitely voted against anything over that.
In many of the recent cases it is the voluminous quantities of evidence that get collected. Which again suggests the solution is more investigators, not longer detention.


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