Wednesday, February 21, 2007

face of fraud

At an Audit Committee training session today we had a really good discussion about fraud and how it effects the Council.
Interestingly the profile of a fraudster is male, 30-40 years, educated to degree level. The two people in the room who fitted the profile was myself, chair of the audit committee, and one of the forensic auditors from PwC who was telling us about fraud...


At 10:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the last two week The Employment Tribunal has found that Birmingham City Council and the respondents (Senior Managers)have racialy discriminated and victimised and unfairly dismissed one of its employee from the City Council legal services. The City Council Should know suspend the managers and start the disciplinary process.

Managers are too ready to sack employees for minor offences and in this employee case for no offence.

The Council should treat all employees equally. Favouratism treatment of the most senior Managers could be considered as fraud.

This story will soon be big news.


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