Thursday, February 15, 2007

More mayoral stuff

Well as I predicted, the Evening Mail has conveniently ignored Ray Mallon's U-Turn and completely left it out!
The report is also contrary to the words of the Editor last night who stated the poll was "just for fun". So to see the headline being based on the outcome of the "fun" is a touch hypocritical.
They then manage to overstate the audience by a massive 15%. 82 in the audience (excluding journos) and 5 on the panel. You could maybe get away with rounding up to 90...
Then to call 47 to 31 close is also a complete misrepresentation (thats 60% to 40%, a landslide under normal circumstances). Only 8 more people called for the binding referendum (55, a number not quoted in the report).
So how the Mail will cope with counting up to 35,000 (the number required to call for a referendum), who knows? Maybe they'll knock 15% off, and say its been reached when 30,000 has been passed.


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