Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tour de France

Fabien Cancellara wins the Tour de France prologue in LondonOn Saturday I had the chance to see the Prologue stage of the Tour de France in London.
I'd decided to take up a point on the Mall, and had hoped to be right outside Buckingham palace and at the junction with Constitution Hill. But it was busy there even 3 hours before the first rider. So i went back to the Mall where Green Park comes out on to it, this was about 380m from the finish line.
I'd also decided to take my Canon 5D and a couple of lenses (24-105 f4 and the bigger 70-200 f2.8). In retrospect I'd have taken the 1Dmk2 as well, but had decided to travel lite! The 5D can only do 3 fps, while the 1Dmk2 can do 8fps.
The photo here is of Fabien Cancellara, the eventual prologue winner.


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