Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How we are

This bank holiday has been spent in Watford, London, Wolverhampton and Birmingham...
On Saturday a well planned trip was taken to finish off the "How we are: photographing britain" exhibition at Tate Britain (which closes on 2nd Sept!). We'd had an interupted visit a couple of months ago by a fire alarm 30 mins before closing time, so wanted to return to complete the last 2 rooms of the exhibition.
I found it hugely interesting - it captures a large amount of social history, as well as photographic technology changes overtime.
The first stop though was to the South Bank, and the World Press Photo 2007 exhibition in the Royal Festival Hall (free). Some of the shots were already familiar, eg the series of photos of a US soldier being shot by a sniper and being dragged away and being treated. But most of the photos were by international photographers for international publications. There were only a handful by UK photojournos: Crouch's scissor kick in the Champions League, and the series of b&w portraits of footballers published in the Grauniad to coincide with the world cup last year.


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