Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nine Inch Nails

No, not my latest excursion into DIY (see me covered in Cherub dust on Facebook), but a much delayed gig at the Academy last night.
The support were Ladytron, never heard of them, and will probably look them up post gig to see what they've done. V.dark electro 6 piece, although no idea what 2 of them were doing...
Then for the main course of Trent Reznor and friends. The show was lacking in spectacular visuals, which was only explained by Reznor towards the end when he said that they weren't able to get them in! (Someone didn't read the venue spec...) He also complained about not being able to hear himself all evening, despite that he managed to hit the notes and cues.
Despite the lack of screen visuals the lighting they did have was able to emphasis the energy and excitement of the music for over 100mins of show, with the fantastic climax of his most well known 3 tracks ending with Head Like a Hole. Of course we also had multiple microphone smashing and a guitar smash at the end.


At 10:36 am, Blogger Tristan said...

Hmmm... and to think we went to Reading to see them. I really should have words with my wife when she looks for NIN gigs.

That said, they were on brilliant form at Reading. They had all the effects, screens and lights. It was a superb gig both musically and visually.

Thought he was very brave to do some of the new synth only tracks live, but they really worked.

I think the lineup has settled down at last which undoubtedly helps the performances.

Twiggy provided his usual manic performance, although he did slip over once (much to his disgust). I also notice he gets handed a different guitar for the smashing it up bit ;)

Of the 3 NIN gigs I've seen (2@ festivals, 1 arena) this was by far the best.

It made the Smashing Pumpkins look ordinary and rather poor in comparison.

At 5:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd thoroughly recommend looking up Ladytron. Start with their most recent and accessible album 'Witching Hour' and venture backwards if you dare :)


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