Tuesday, August 21, 2007

taxpayers alliance hits wrong target

The Telegraph and BBC are reporting much the same story that the Taxpayers Alliance has timed to coincide with the annual dash for university places. [The Telegraph has a pdf of the full list of evil vocational courses here]
If their argument relates to vocational courses not being government funded, why have they been snobbish to only pick up the Salon Management etc. Surely they've missed the other highly vocational degrees of Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Physio. Why did they draw the line where they did?
The TA seem to have also got their stats in a mix, and also missed other easy targets. The Birmingham College of Food shoots up the rankings because counting single courses with specialist streams. Meanwhile Birmingham Uni escapes unscathed despite our Advanced Golf Management Studies, and FD PGA Golf. While Bedfordshire is the only uni to be picked out as having Sports Science!
AGMS includes materials work, focusing on ball and club materials as well as sports psychology and physiology, while the FD is provided as an employer led initiative via the PGA.


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