Thursday, September 27, 2007

Boris in perspective

Wow, a huge turnout of just over 19.8k Londoners could care who the Tory mayoral candidate was. To give a little bit of perspective, my ward has just about as many constituents. So across the whole of London, only the same number who live in the square mile or so of Selly Oak expressed their preference of candidate.
Doesn't bode well for the real thing next year does it Boris?

Monday, September 17, 2007

conference round-up

or what I've been up to in Brighton so far...
Well the room in the Grand is OK. The shower is a bit dribbly, the bed is comfortable, breakfast is more than ample, the croque monsier over priced for ham and cheese toastie.
Saturday night was a gentle affair with a small crowd from the Brent by-election having their re-union anniversary dinner.
Sunday the work began with tours of the exhibition by the various parliamentarians (and senior cllrs!). So by the end of the day I was more than ready for a nice Greek meal followed by the blog of the year awards (congrats to James Graham, the man who originally signed me up in Manchester), and then the London reception (much free alcohol).
Suffice to say this morning I've been a little bit delicate...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

crazy golf in Teignmouth

Last Sunday Vic and I were out early to get a quick round in on Teignmouth's crazy golf course before the hordes descended.
Twice in two rounds I've managed to get a hole in one, but this time it didn't stop me from losing to the girl Marsom. I cracked on the last 3 holes to let a promising below par round slip to 3 over.
Talk of a boxing day return match has already started.

How full is your glass?

Is your pint glass half full or half empty?
I've never worked out why we're so precious of some of our old imperial measurements. Especially when no one is quite sure how much a pint should actually be. Wikipedia has at least 7 different definitions of it.
So when I ask whether your pint glass is half full, is it 284ml, 280ml, 285ml, 213ml (S Aus.) or 225ml (US dry).
Now the one thing you can't argue about with metric measurements is that half of a 1/2l glass is always 250ml.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

brandwood by-election campaigning

Today was a successful day for us in our campaign in the Brandwood ward by-election.
We had visiting help from Euro hopeful, Colin Ross, and fellow blogger from Sandwell, David Nikel. This enabled us to polish off the leaflet delivery, before stopping for lunch in the Red Lion. Colin went off to Nuneaton in the afternoon to help in the by-election there, while David did some campaigning in Sandwell.
Thanks to Dave and Colin for coming over to help.