Friday, September 02, 2005

Anthony Wilson: bit of a $£%*

Watched 24hr Party People DVD last night, but with Tony Wilson's commentary track on. Have only met the guy once (he was hosting a big drugs debate at Manchester Town Hall), and he was highly articulate and well informed (and on the evidence of the film, he certainly should be...) of the issues.
But, he has an ego the size of Granada studios, and the film and his commentary do nothing to dispel that.
Despite the ego, he can lay claim to having nutured some of the best bands and musicians from Manchester over the last 20+ years. Was surprised to learn that The Doves can be linked back through to Joy Division (although shouldn't be that surprised as Doves are mancunian as well).
Love the film as it has some great anachronisms and goofs (satellite dishs can be seen during scenes set in the 70s, and the number of times the direction of travel changes while going along the mancy way gets silly).


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