Friday, September 02, 2005

gadget tastic

I've now inherited my boss's iPAQ (which was my boss's boss). Its only a H3970, but comes with built in bluetooth (no wifi). Have been impressed by the ease of setup and installation, even after I started to follow the instructions, instead of just plugging things in and inserting CDs.
Its not the same as a Blackberry (which the council offers to all members, and is being used by management at the University), as you don't have the same instant connectivity. But it does mean that I can now keep my 3 diaries in 1 place, and allow for making arrangements to fit in with all of them.
The only downside is that it is running Win Mob 2002, so doesn't have built in SMS abilities. Although I have managed to setup my mobile's GPRS, and bluetooth, so I can browse while mobile from the PDA. (OK, that took an evening to sort out...)


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