Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Football Update

Fantasy: Last week saw me knocked from the top of the Office league, having been there since the 2nd week of the season. This was largely due to being unlucky in having defenders and keeper letting one goal in, while know one scored!
Academic Office in the Intra Mural leagues: The Office is currently running two teams within the 120 teams of the IMS leagues. Both teams are currently unbeaten after (13 games in total). Friday and today were the closest we've come to losing.
The Friday game was 1-0 to us, and a hard fought game against a quality student team. They always looked dangerous, but some simple but effective defense gave us the edge.
Tuesday's game today was touch and go. We almost only started with 5 as a couple of us were called to last minute meetings. Fortunately Paul managed to find a ringer with only 2hrs notice. SportEx were also unlucky, with their keeper twisting his ankle in the warm up. This meant they had to call in a last minute replacement as well.
The game didn't start well, with our usual shaky start, and conceding an early goal. But we went into the half time break at 1 all. The second half was all us. The stand in keeper gifted the 2nd goal by throwing it straight to one of our players. and being out of position. From then on they crumpled to a 5-1 defeat.
Man City: The adopted team is still riding high in the premiership. I'm still hopeful of us getting at least a top 6 spot, and european football next season. Pearce is turning out to be an inspirational manager.


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