Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Broadband woos

Have had 24hrs of enforced internet isolation. I've just about got over the cold sweats, although they were sypmtoms of my cold, and the need to stay in bed most of yesterday.
It appears that in Wanadoo "testing" my line for 30mins yesterday, they have knocked out my adsl router (a netgear dg834, a model which appears to have a history of flakey connections, but until yesterday it had been running near faultlessly, with no firmware updates applied at all).
The test was apparently to see what speed my phone line could operate at, although it still seems to be 2Mb, so in crashing my router I've not gained any speed...
Still got a few things to try to get it back online this eve, but had to wait until back in work today to be able to get online and do some googling on the problem.


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