Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mark Thomas & Rob Newman

Monday night Adam, Colin & myself popped over to Warwick Arts Centre to catch the acts of Mark Thomas and Rob Newman. Nicola Davies (I was her agent at the GE) had organised, so there was a small group of us, with quality 2nd/3rd row seats (although we did insist on not looking at the seat numbers straight away and found a group of 7 seats, could have got away with it until the pesky kids showed up for their seats...).
Thomas was as much as expected having seen him perform twice before on different tours. This year his angle was on the illegal arms trade (and how incredibly easy it is to become one).

Rob Newman was completely new on me, apart from the occasions I've seen him on TV going back as far as the Mary Whitehouse Experience. But I've not read any of his material or seen him perform in recent years. But he is gobsmakingly funny and intelligent, able to go off onto extravegant tangents, and then draw them back in, while weaving his anti-war/globalisation story. Masterful & brilliant.


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