Tuesday, March 07, 2006

AUT/NATFE day of action

What a bloody awful day to be out on strike! I don't mind cold as you can just where lots more, but continuous rain eventually gets through any amount of layers your wearing.
A fairly uneventful stint on the picket line this morning, more about raising awarenes with students and parents dropping prospective students off for open days (who are statistically less likely to accept Birmingham as they visited with bad weather...)
I'm sure all sides will claim some sort of success (bit like an election really), but despite the weather, more members came out to picket than originally on the rota. I think the actions of several university managements have actually made the union members more inclined to take action. (Those taking action short of a strike will be docked 10% for not taking part in assessment activities. Some academics think this is good value, especially when they want to spend more time researching and preparing for the RAE...)


At 10:10 am, Blogger Adam Nazir Ahmed said...

The metro today said that union leaders claimed many universities were left looking like "ghost towns". Was it like that at your uni? At Wolves things just looked normal apart from some lecturers bothering us as we went in and we had a couple of pissed of students their lecturers never told them that their lectures would be cancelled.

At 10:53 am, Blogger Radders said...

The weather will have kept some at home/made campus look quieter. No idea how many lectures were cancelled.
University strikes are interesting beasts. The withdrawal of labour has a very human face to it as the commodity that is no longer produced is a student's learning and teaching. I've seen comments about withdrawing labour from research, but you'd have to wait years before anyone noticed...


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