Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blair presses the nuclear button

I was going to use this blog title when I first heard the news on the radio this am. But then realised the Guardian had beaten me to it by a long distance.
But which button has he pressed?
By going nuclear now, is he diverting attention away from all the other mishaps (eg Dr Reid being dumped on in his new job), or does he really believe that Nuclear will solve all our problems?
On the energy question, I actually think we shouldn't rule out nuclear, and that it is a valid source. But we need to be pushing all the other sustainable solutions (wind, wave, tide, sun, recycled biodesiel etc) where they can be used appropriately. We can't rely on gas for ever.
In terms of covering Reid's ass, I'm sure the old commie can look after himself, he's only been in the job for a couple of weeks, so fairly safe atm.
I'm still wondering whether Birmingham's former chief exec, Lin Homer, knows what she let herself in for when she started as the DG of the Nationality and Imigration directorate in November last year...


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