Monday, May 15, 2006

Deputy group leader!

The Birmingham group AGM was held last Friday evening (2nd group meeting in the week, with another on this coming Friday night.)
At the AGM we elected to all the group positions, with my being the only nomination for deputy leader.
I was surprised to be asked to put my name forward by Tariq, who held this position. I've only been in the group since being elected in 2004, and, although not the youngest, quite "junior" within the group.
The group meeting coming up this week will decide on who will be taking on committee chairs, and cabinet positions, as well as all the other committee positions. Definitely a meeting to bring a flask of coffee and sandwiches to...


At 2:25 pm, Blogger James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

Congratulations Dave. The Manchester Mafia continues its baleful influence in the party... :)

At 2:53 pm, Blogger Ryan said...

I'm tempted to challenge Heather at our first group meeting for Leader of the Lincoln LibDem Group.
Although with the two of us, under STV I'm guessing the result may go
First Preferences:
Cullen 1
Quinton 1
then under STV rules we'll have to flip a coin or draw lots.
Alternatively I could just go for Deputy Group Leader too.

At 10:46 pm, Blogger Radders said...

Cheers James.
We have a former LDYS influence in Group positions: my ward colleague Robert Wright who I first met at an LDYS conference in Cardiff is the Group Secretary. (Although Robert was from UEA, rather than the all powerful Manchester :)

At 7:18 pm, Blogger Adam Nazir Ahmed said...

Congratulations Dave and good news about Robert too


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