Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Rubbish Amnesty

I had one of those days yesterday. With 40mins notice I was asked by our ward support officer whether I was available to do an interview for the BBC. Fortunately, my office is just around the corner from where the interview was going to be held. So managed to pop out for 20 mins to do my piece.
The package was being put together for BBC Birmingham (so only available on Sky Digital, the interweb, and will probably end up on Central Trains next week...). So not the largest audience to hear about the Rubbish Amnesty that we were operating in Bournbrook this week.
We are constantly looking for schemes to try and reduce the amount of bulk refuse that ends up on the streets and in front gardens from rented properties (which is different to the problems of the volume of domestic waste from such a high population density).
Unfortuntely, the publicity was so good, that most of it got nicked by students to put up in their own houses. (It featured a Neighbours character, who is apparently a current cult figure, I remember the days of Jason & Kylie...)


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