Monday, June 26, 2006

Saturday in Bromley

I usually claim that I don't know that 6am exists on a Saturday, but I was up at crack of dawn to get down to Bromley to help at the by-election.
We spent most of the day delivering in Chislehurst, and I spent my time in an area where the average house price was probably close to £1m. I was half expecting the dogs to be sent out to chase away the Focus deliverer, or to be mown down in some freak lawn tractor accident.
In the time it took me to do that one round, my two colleagues had delivered 3 rounds, and come back to see if I was still alive!
Lunch was spent in a pub in Chislehurst at which we bumped into the UKIP candidate, Nigel Farage, and his team of henchmen. He claimed to have been out canvassing since 6am, but what I think they meant was, they been on the streets since about then with a megaphone annoying shoppers. And in the afternoon they were "canvassing" pubs, although as far as I could see this involved having a fag and pint and annoying the locals.


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And it was very nice to see you;-)


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