Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thatcher's legacy

Tuesday's Evening Mail carried this story about a Guild motion to celebrate the future demise of Maggie Thatcher.
Today, the motion has been pulled because of the furore, which even made it onto the BBC.
Anyway, I've only just had a chance to bang out a letter, which I guess will not be printed now, so reproduced here for posterity:
Richard Angell is clearly a Thatchers child, and demonstrates much that was wrong with the Tories during the 80s. (Thatcher party call, page 2, Evening Mail, Tuesday June 6).
Richard has sunk to the level of the government of the time by being as nasty as they were to individuals and groups.
But the government of today is just as bad. Mr Angell has forgotten that it was Tony Blair who promised not to introduce university tuition fees. But promptly changed his mind when he was elected in 1997.
It is Tony Blairs government that is authoritarian and oppressive, with the introduction of ID cards. Students will be financially penalised by these cards when they are charged for changing addresses annually.
No one should celebrate the demise of an individual, but I know Ill be partying when Tony Blair finally leaves no 10 Downing Street.
Councillor Dave Radcliffe, Selly Oak ward
PS It was Argentina, not Thatcher, who invaded the Falklands illegally, not unlike Tony Blairs illegal war in Iraq.


At 3:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Angell's call for a party to celebrate Thatcher's death was justifiable, and quite correct.

That woman ruined Britain, She destroyed our industry, enriched a few spivs and Thatcherites, made millions unemployed, destroyed our education system, starved the public services of essential funding, made enemies all over the Continent, and then declared 'there is no such thing as society'. Last but not least, she gave us the awful 'Sir' Mark Thatcher.

She is utterly evil.

When she dies I'm going to party, and so will millions of others. Good riddance to the old bag!


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