Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Too much football!

No not talking about the world cup, but I've played 3 times in the last 3 days. And feeling the effects of it.
Sunday I was in goal for the first time in ages. Managed to pull off some great saves, but I let in one of the worst howlers you're likely to see: ball rolls to me, not too quickly, but towards the goal, and somehow my chocolate wrists let it go through my legs, and virtually throw it into the goal. Fortunately, we were already 1 goal down, and not looking like getting through their defences.
Monday was the regular quick about with mates, at which there was much ribbing of the previous day's efforts. This will continue until someone else cocks up horrendously.
Then yesterday was the start of the University's summer staff league. We faced the old foe of Physics, and comfortably beat them 3-0 (with the half time score being 3-0 when I got substituted...)
So now just need to recover for next week (and only 1 England game between now and then for us to get very nervous about!)


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