Monday, July 17, 2006

Eid Mela

Wow, how hot was it this weekend? And the forecasters say its going to get hotter! (One of my childhood dream jobs was to be a weather forecaster, but I can imagine its a bit boring ATM for them...)
Sunday was spent at Birmingham's Eid Mela. This year it was being held at Millenium Point, rather than Cannon Hill Park. So a bit further to go, but well worth it. As usual a slow start with people drifting along throughout the afternoon. I thought it looked more multi-cultural this year, maybe because it was in the city-centre, rather than in the park.
As usual there was lots to do, see and listen to, and as last year the Mela organising chairman, Tariq Khan, gave a "rock star" like welcome to the crowd. I'm sure Bob Geldof will be in touch to compere any follow up to the Live8 concert!


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