Friday, October 26, 2007

Leader hustings in Rugby tomorrow

As a floating voter in the leadership election, tomorrow could well be the crunch time for me. The hustings is scheduled for about 2 hours, so with only 2 candidates, and only 10mins of speeches, I hope there are plenty of questions.
Without the press there for the question session, I also hope we're able to have some fairly seat of the pants questions that challenge the candidates about the state of the party, and its organisation, and policy setting.
In particular, I'll want to know Nick means about "breaking out of the comfort zone", while from Chris I wont to hear him set his stall out on where he wants to take the party.
Neither have really defined their directions of travel, only indicated that they want to go on a journey. Until I know where they are taking us, I'm not sure I want to jump onto either of their buses, (or bandwagons).


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