Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Raddlebarn School centenary

Yesterday was the final day of one of our local School's centenary. Today it is 101 yrs old!
The end of years worth of celebrations was marked by the unveiling/ribbon cutting by the Lord Mayor of a set of gates leading out onto Muntz park.
Where the gates our used to be a toilet block, and wall blocking off the park completely. Now the park can be accessed from the School, and they can see out onto the green space as well.
The gates incorporate small bits of design by the kids, as well as a piece of Muntz metal. (For it was the Muntz family who donated the land for the School and the park that carries their name after making their money from metals. Also was an MP for Birmingham - some confusion over whether it was George or Philip, one of them was a Liberal MP)


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