Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mid-Life crisis

I've not seen much blog content about the latest "revelations" over Mark Oaten, so thought I'd give it my tuppence.
As someone who lost their hair at an early age (21-22), in a relatively short time (about 6 months) I did have an early crisis. But I didn't turn to rent boys and unspeakable acts.
I was in a high pressure political position at the time (students' union welfare officer), but I found support from my friends and colleagues. As someone who has now entered public life, I still find it important to maintain some semblance of a work/politics/life balance, so I still make time to be with friends and to do not political activities (generally playing or watching footy, or losing at pool).
Even though Mark was in a high pressure position, he should have been seeking support from his family and colleagues in the westminster bubble. Hopefully now that he's away from the front bench he can regain that work/life balance.


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