Saturday, September 02, 2006

The finishline

Originally uploaded by Radders.
I got to Millenium Point in plenty of time, although there was already a good crowd lining the barriers.
I decided to get take an arty set of photos, rather than trying to get a head on shot. The photo is of Mark Cavendish of T-Mobile, who came in 2nd on the stage. I'd guessed at the shutter speed I'd need to get a blur, but over did it (this was at 1/40), I could have got something better at 1/100, but you don't really have time to change your settings...
The riders were probably doing about 60 kph as they crossed the line (they'd averaged 44.9kph for the stage!), so you don't get to see much...
Better book somewhere to stop over in London next year.


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