Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tour of Britain flies through the region

Originally uploaded by Radders.
Yesterday I took the day off work to watch the Tour of Britain as it whizzed through the West Mids.
The route started in Wolves, but I decided to hop on a train to Shifnal, and then get back to Birmingham to see the riders cross the finishing line. As it was a "normal" race, rather than a timetrial, I rationalised that I'd actually only see them fly past for about 5 secs, so decided to try and see it twice! As it was, there was a break away by 7 seven riders, who eventually finished 5 mins ahead of the peloton, so I got to see about 20secs of the tour, rather than 10!
I took my camera, and got some nice shots of the leaders and peloton coming through Shifnal, and also at the finishing line.
The photo below is the break away group, with the eventual winner leading.


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